Garnier invents pure active Exfobrusher

Garnier erfindet das Pure Active Reinigungsgel mit Bürste

Garnier invents Pure Active Exfobrusher, the 1st anti-imperfections exfoliating brusher. A revolution in facial cleansing!

A revolution in facial cleansing

Today, young people demand better results for their skin. For them, Garnier invents Pure Active Exfobrusher.

Perfect to remove impurities more effectively, even in difficult-to-reach areas, Pure Active Exfobrusher combines an effective formula and innovative tool to remove impurities, even on stubborn problem-prone skin. The brush, with its 170 supple fibres selected for their flexibility and softness, helps to generate a high-quality lather that cleanses the skin intensely without irritating it.

Highly concentrated in salicylic acid and enriched in regenerative Herbarepair, it provides dual spot- and mark-reducing action and acts instantly to remove dead cells and diminish excess sebum.

Within 4 weeks*

Skin is clearer for 90% of subjects

Pores are unclogged for 83% of subjects

cess sebum production is reduced for 82% of subjects

* Self-assessments by 117 subjects (men and women)

A unique technology

Interview with Antoinette PALLADINO, Garnier International Development Manager

In what way is the Exfobrush an innovation?

We have designed a brush that ensures more effective yet gentle cleansing, with no risk of irritation.

In what way is this brush particularly effective?

The Exfobrush ensures effective yet gentle facial cleansing thanks to its soft, flexible micro-bristles.

For maximum gentleness, we decided to design a “generous” brush, composed of 170 8mm micro-bristles that are soft and flexible.

The geometry and length of the bristles were meticulously studied to ensure they remain flexible, comfortable to use – avoiding all contact with the base – and long-wearing.

The flexibility of the micro-bristles provides deep facial cleansing that is effective on hard-to-reach areas where the hand would likely only have an ineffectual action.

Could you tell us more about this innovative packaging?

We designed an “All in 1” packaging that combines 2 different functions: a flexible brush for skin cleansing and a rigid brush support to protect the ergonomics and technical features such as its waterproofness and on/off switch.

We turned to the technique of plastic bi-injection which enables several plastic substances of varying quality and use to be moulded together. The process involves softening plastic substances and then injecting them under high pressure at the same time into one mould and then leaving to cool into one end piece. Using this technique, the Exfobrush is composed of 2 substances: PP (Polypropylene) for the technical part and SEBS for the brush part.

SEBS is a thermoplastic elastomer with similar characteristics to rubber, which explains the softness and flexibility of its bristles. It has a good chemical affinity with the PP used for the brush-holder.

In what way is this packaging practical?

Its “All in 1” ergonomic packaging enables the juice to come directly out of the brush while the ON/OFF system ensures waterproofness. The 100% plastic brush is very easy to clean and we have included holes in the cap to help it dry.

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