Hypnose Precious celles by Lancôme

Hypnôse Precious Cells von Lancôme

Lancôme achieves an unprecedented feat: A mascara which activates an immediate potential of lash regeneration.Lash-by-lash volume and spectacular length. Lashes are ber, densified and look multiplied.

The Hypnôse Precious Cells Universe

A cream formula

Hypnôse Precious Cells contains a precious cell extract from a specific apple variety, a combination of ultra-successful assets known to reconstruct the environment of regenerating cells of the skin.

A signature design

The Hypnôse Precious Cells tube bares pure curves dressed in black.

Its name is engraved with a golden finish faithful to the elegance and to the sobriety of all Lancôme mascaras.

A unique brush to unfurl lash-by-lash volume

A unique helix-shaped structure which has two flat sections to generously capture the formula and bathe lashes in its fortifying virtues; and two structured ridges for optimal lash fringe definition, magnified volume and spectacular lengthening.

Perfectly coated from root to tip, lashes are immediately amplified and separated for maximum volume at the lash fringe.

Perceived results: visibly regenerated lashes

Lashes are ber, densified, anti-loss effect perceived during make-up removal*.

Lash-by-lash volume. Lashes are densified, and look multiplied.