Arginine by L’Oréal Paris

Arginine von L'Oréal Paris

Arginine, a major haircare scientific breakthroughby L’Oréal Paris.

Discover The new Arginine Resist X3 range :

All the expertise and know how of the most expert Elvive Range and high-performance formulas for amazing haircare results. The hair become even more beautiful, even more powerful and even more brilliant.

Full-strength arginine concentrate for fragile hair.

Based on research from L’Oréal Laboratories, the latest Elsève range takes haircare innovation to a brand new level. The new Arginine-enriched formula is the result of a major scientific discovery:

without this amino acid, which occurs naturally in keratin, the hair cannot grow. L’Oréal researchers have proven that a proper supply of Arginine is indispensable to helping the hair grow more resistant and to maintaining the hair fiber’s potential for longevity.

Backed by this discovery, our laboratories designed a revolutionary Arginine-based formula that, for the very first time, enables triple-action reinforcement: it nourishes the bulb, strengthens the root and restructures the fiber.

As the products in the Arginine Resist X3 range adhere perfectly to the fiber, they help optimize growth by strengthening weak, fragile hair with a tendency to fall out. Supplying the hair with Arginine is all the more efficient since the various products are used in intelligent combinations with multiple applications. Arginine Resist X3 is ushering in a new era in caring for weak, fragile hair so that it can regain all of its strength and dynamism.

Tests prove it! 95% of women saw the difference after using it for only 9 days.

And 64% less fall-out with the very first application!

Visible results have made the range an instant success and Arginine Resist X3 became a best-selling haircare line in France, Germany, Mexico and Argentina the very first week it was launched.