Saharienne by Yves Saint Laurent

Saharienne von Yves Saint Laurent

Its name is legendary. A tribute to the iconic laced safari jacket, a legendary piece of Yves Saint Laurent couture. A symbol of journeys to faraway lands, a one-way ticket to escape, reinterpreted by Stefano Pilati, Yves Saint Laurent Creative Director, from collection to collection. An ode to a sensuality that sublimates the body in a troubling game of hide-and-seek with the skin.The extraordinary celebration of a liberated, wild and provocative woman.

The hottest eau fraîche.

The promise of an unforgettable journey, of uninhibited adventures. The evocation of a blazing sun, the star at its zenith reflected in the blinding sand. The intoxicating air fans her impetuous nature and heightens every sensation.

Sprinkled with light, the bottle’s crystalline transparency reveals a fragrance as golden as hot sand.

At its centre, the legendary cassandre logo is a source of energy and radiance. As if set amongst the dunes, the prestigious initials radiate with shimmering reflections. Its curves, sculpted in glass, evoke the same imprint transformed by waves of heat and fiery rays. The ultimate temptation, its hammered gold top is a true piece of couture jewellery, sensual and refined.