A social beauty salon in Paris

Lucia Iraci, founder of the Joséphine Salon which opened in 2011 in Paris, has made beauty for vulnerable women her driving cause. L’Oréal has also taken up the cause and supports her.

Ein Community Schönheitssalon in Paris

The Joséphine Salon is the first social beauty salon in Paris: a venue dedicated to re-integration and self-esteem. It was therefore only natural that the L'Oréal Foundation should support it, alongside the Professional Products Division and the Maybelline New York brand. The salon opened on 23rd, March 2011 in the Goutte d'Or neighbourhood.

Because appearance and self-esteem are closely linked, its founder Lucia Iraci made beauty for vulnerable women her driving cause. With the fieriness and strength of conviction that characterise her, this former studio hairdresser, who has worked for top names like Yves Saint Laurent, Bettina Rheims and Peter Lindbergh, now uses her talent to benefit underprivileged women, to whom she offers beauty care services at a token cost – “useful frivolities” as she likes to call them.

Lucia, who asserts the “right of women to be whoever they want”, welcomes these women to help them regain self-confidence and take the first step towards reintegration.

For the L’Oréal Foundation, this initiative is a way to help vulnerable people regain their self-esteem and reappropriate their appearance, thus reconstructing broken social ties and getting back on the road to employment.

With product donations, financial support, the provision of furniture, educational assistance and professional work projects, the Foundation's commitment to the Joséphine Salon takes many forms. It also contributes to its success: over 800 women have been through Joséphine's hands since the salon opened.

Joséphine, Frankreichs erster sozialer Schönheitssalon
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Joséphine, France's first social beauty salon

The consolidated accounts and individual accounts for the fiscal year 2011 ended following L’Oréal’s Board of Directors meeting February 13, 2012. 2011 was a year of solid development and the group was strengthened. In a globally well-positioned cosmetics market, L’Oréal saw growth supported by its turnover and confirmed its position as the world’s leader in beauty.

Over 800 women have been through Joséphine’s hands since the salon opened.

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