CO2: the good performace of Vichy’s plant

This global and tailored energy solution was initiated in partnership with EDF for the brand’s historic Vichy plant in France.

Die Vichy Fabrik erzielt hervorragende Ergebnisse bei der CO2 Bilanz

An ambitious partnership between l’Oréal and EDF: this was the basis of the environmental challenge adopted in 2007 at the historic vichy plant founded in 1969.

The aim was a 50% cut in the site’s CO2 emissions. To achieve this, EDF Optimal Solutions (a subsidiary specialising in energy eco-efficiency) designed a tailor-made comprehensive energy solution factoring in vichy’s specific industrial processes.

Unveiled in June 2011, the new facilities now include not only triple energy recovery (enough to heat the equivalent of 12 Olympic swimming pools each year, or 88,000 m3 of washing water), but also an efficient geothermal system that heats the whole of the 50,000 square meters premises in the off-season, together with a free-cooling system that makes use of cool external air instead of conventional air-conditioning.

A speed variator on one of the air compressors allows its operation to be tailored to the site’s needs, while remote management tools have also been incorporated to provide the real-time monitoring of energy consumption and CO2 savings as production progresses.

Key Figures

  • 88 000 m³of washing water heated via triple energy recovery.
  • 50 000 m² premises heated by geothermal system in the off-season.

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