Garnier and Dop clean up beaches

Focus on two public-spirited campaigns launched, in one case, by L’Oréal Australia and, in the other, by Dop in France. For both, the aim was to get people involved in cleaning up their local beaches.

Garnier und Dop säubern Strände

There were plenty of volunteers for the “Love your Beach” campaign launched by Garnier Australia in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation Australia, with 300 people rallying around to clean up the beaches of Freshwater, St Kilda, Noosa and Gold Coast. They removed 20,000 items (i.e. 450kg of rubbish). The foundation received 2,000 letters from people who also wanted to protect their beaches. The most convincing letter received a donation of 5,000 dollars to maintain the quality of the water and halt the erosion of the dunes on Kings Beach at Caloundra.

At the same time as this operation, Dop and the French National Forestry Office launched another environmental campaign to rehabilitate the beaches of the Ile d’Oléron, ravaged by the hurricane Xynthia. 30th, April 2011 was a great community-spirited day spent cleaning up the shore and dunes of the Ile d’Oléron, with 400 people rallying around to eliminate the traces of the storm.

Besides, the site incited web users to adopt a piece of rubbish, with a playful and highly original approach. The total weight of rubbish adopted up till 30th, June was then actually collected, thanks to financial support from the brand.

Key Figures

  • 2,000 pieces of rubbish (or 450 kg) have been removed
  • 300 people cleaned up the beaches in Australia

  • Die Reklameflächen für die französische Kampagne wurde von Dop und dem 'Office National des Forêts'
  • Auf der Kampagnenseite wurden die Nutzer dazu aufgefordert, ein Stück Müll zu 'adoptieren'
  • … ein origineller Zugang.
  • Garnier Australien Projekt
  • … und aufgestellte Informationsstände an den Stränden.
  • Teams und Freiwillige werden tätig ...
  • 300 Freiwillige haben bei der Säuberung von Stränden mitgeholfen
  • Die Kampagne wurde auch durch Maßnahmen auf Facebook begleitet