Giorgio Armani provides access to drinking water

For 3 months in 2011, every bottle of Acqua di Giò or Acqua di Gioia sold generated a donation of 100 litres of drinking water for Ghana. Thanks to the campaign, over 43 million litres of safe drinking water were collected.

  • Jeden Tag sterben 4000 Kinder an den Folgen der Aufnahme kontanimierten Wassers

    Each day, 4,000 children die due to sickness caused by contaminated water.

  • Im Rahmen des Programms wurde ein Brunnen im Dorf errichtet

    Construction of a well in a village in Ghana through the program

  • Der neue Brunnen ermöglicht die Gewinnung von Trinkwasser im Dorfzentrum

    This new well allows drinkable water to be collected at the very heart of the village.

  • Das Programm

    The Acqua for Life program has changed the lives of 27,000 people.

  • 2 Kinder von Atabui, ein Dorf im Osten Ghanas

    Two children from Atabui, a village in eastern Ghana.

  • L’accès facilité à l’eau potable permet aux enfants de suivre une scolarité normale

    Facilitated access to drinking water allows children go to school regularly.

  • Kinder leiden am meisten unter Wassermangel und -verschmutzung

    Children are the first victims of water shortage and water pollution.

  • Sechszehn Gemeinden profitieren von neuen Systemen der Wasserversorgung

    Sixteen communities benefited from new water-supply systems.

Between 1st, March and 31st May 2011, the Giorgio Armani brand joined forces with Green Cross International in an operation to promote access to drinking water in Ghana. During the period of the challenge, every bottle of Acqua di Giò or Acqua di Gioia sold generated a donation of 100 litres of drinking water. A code affixed to the bottles enabled participants to double their donations by creating their own active community on a dedicated Facebook page.

By the end of the operation, the Giorgio Armani brand had collected 43,314,986 litres of safe drinking water. Sixteen communities have been equipped with new water supply systems, which will eventually provide 27,000 people with access to drinking water, including 3,500 children, who will then have it in their schools.

An experience that is to be repeated, as a further programme is being set up for 2012.

Acqua for Life
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Water is essential to life. 65% of the human body is made up of water. 4/5 of our planet is covered in water. Only 3% is fresh water. The vast majority is inaccessible.
When water is dirty or contaminated, it poses a threat. Giorgio Armani is working hand in hand with the NGO Green Cross to provide millions of liters of drinkable water to various populations around the world.

In 2011, a total of 43.4 million liters of drinkable water were collected, benefitting 27,000 people in 16 communities in Ghana.

In 2012, for the purchase of one of two perfumes, Armani is donating 100 liters of drinkable water and 50 liters for each new “Like” on the Aqua for Life Facebook page.

Giorgio Armani is giving you the opportunity to explore the world and to show your support for the Aqua for Life challenge. From Milan to Ghana to Bolivia, join the Water Race.

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Key Figures

  • 43,314,986 litres of safe drinking water collected
  • 16 communities equiped with new water supply systems
  • 27,000 people will be provided with access to drinking water, including 3,500 children

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