The ergonomic attitude gains ground

In 2011, this programme was deployed throughout France and in other European countries. The idea behind it is to create a real culture of ergonomics throughout the group.

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Launched in 2010, the “Ergonomic Attitude” programme aims to improve priority areas in ergonomics. Programmes that have already been developed and launched include packaging line design, and computer workstations. Since then, the programme has been extended to the North America and Europe zones within Operations (factories and distribution centres). In addition, several administrative sites in France, Italy and the United Kingdom have launched “Ergonomic Attitude” initiatives via training courses and awareness-raising in managers. Since 2011, good worldwide ergonomic practices database is maintained on an intranet sharing platform on the group EHS Intranet site.

In France, the Sicos L’Oréal Luxe factory created an Ergonomics position and developed specific focused ergonomic training courses. Consumers Products Division Rambouillet factory won the L’Oréal Health & Safety 2011 Award for its “zero lifting” programme. It is now aiming for “zero manual handling”!” "In barely a year, a real culture of ergonomics has emerged within the group", notes Malcom Staves, group Health and Safety Director, "and though 2011 was an excellent year, 2012 promises to be even better for the "Ergonomic Attiude" programme.

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Ergonomische Haltung macht Fortschritte