Citizen Day 2012

Citizen Day 2012

Among the L’Oréal Group’s many commitments, Citizen Day is the global annual internal day when the group’s staff can perform actions for the public good on a voluntary basis. Since it is the group’s conviction that “we all have a role to play”, it offers its staff the chance to contribute to its social commitment all over the world, via voluntary actions conducted for charities and institutions that have expressed a particular need.

This day serves as a way of connecting the teams to the group’s main CSR commitments, as it enables them to carry out an action linked to 1 of 4 specific themes: the environment, generous beauty, scientific education and diversity, fields of activity in which the group also invests.

The actions conducted have to comply with the principles of localness and usefulness, and may take place either on the premises of partners supported by the group (those of the Foundation, those of the Diversity teams, etc.), and located near to a L’Oréal site, as the group is keen to contribute to the urban and social fabric within which it carries out its activities (actions conducted in partnership with town halls and charities based near its premises), or alternatively, on L’Oréal premises, such as collections or coaching activities, for instance.

This day is also a high point in terms of internal team motivation, since they get to share some quality time together with the focus on citizenship and generosity. In 2011, over 15,000 staff in 58 different countries worldwide, including 2,200 in France alone, were involved in this day. This year, nearly 4,000 of the group’s French employees played their part and nearly 19,000 so far around the globe.