Explosion Gourmande, a fragrance to lead seduction by the nose…

Explosion Gourmande, a fragrance that seduces the senses…

The Club des Créateurs de Beauté instills a desire in women to live life to the fullest through a taste for beautiful things.

A dessert? Even better… an explosion of lusciousness! The delicious fragrance of Explosion Gourmande bursts forth to play the very first notes of the Gourmandises Exquises perfume collection, based on original aromas and harmonies imagined by master pastry chef Christophe Felder.

From savor to scent

To create his culinary opus, Christophe Felder making rolled up his sleeves and got to work. He melted brown sugar with white caramel, spiced a few litchis with a pinch of coriander leaves and infused a few rose petals. From this recipe, he obtained a sparkling juice, subtly sweetened and deliciously fruity!

Next, the maestro of pastry collaborated with experts in food flavoring and fine perfumery to build the olfactory pyramid of Explosion Gourmande.