L’Oréal Yearly Sales: + 14.5% Group

Full year 1997 consolidated sales for L'Oréal and its French and non-French subsidiaries amounted to FF 69.1 billion, up 14.5% year on year. Sales increased by 14.6% for cosmetics, 51.9% for dermatology and 12.5% for pharmaceuticals.

On a comparable basis, using an identical Group structure and exchange rates, consolidated Group sales for 1997 were up by 8.4%, an increase of 8.6% for cosmetics, 31.6% for dermatology and 6.8% for pharmaceuticals.

The 6.1% difference between growth on published figures and the increase on a comparable basis stems from changes in the scope of consolidation for 1.2% and from exchange rate fluctuations for 4.9%.

For first half 1997, sales were up 13% on published figures and 8.1% on a comparable basis. Acquisitions accounted for 1% of the increase and currency changes for 3.9%.

Full year consolidated cosmetics sales break down geographically as follows : 56% for Western Europe, 24.9% for North America, 5.7% for Asia and 13.4% for the Rest of the World.

Initial estimates of full year 1997 results are in line with the trend indicated in October 1997 and will be published on Thursday 26 February 1998.