2001 First Half Sales : Eur 7 Billion, Up By 13.5% Group

L'OREAL's consolidated sales for the first half 2001 totalled EUR 6.98 billion.

Sales growth compared with the first half 2000 is 13.5%.

Exchange rate fluctuations had a positive impact of 1.8 %.

On a like-for-like basis, i.e. with identical structure and exchange rates, consolidated sales rose by 7.8%, and, excluding currency effects, by 11.7%.

Sales growth per main branch is as follows:

  consolidated figures excluding currency effects
Cosmetics + 13.4% + 11.6%
Dermatology + 16.8% + 12.8%

L'OREAL benefited from a positive structural effect of 3.9% in the first half 2001 due to the consolidation of acquisitions carried out in 2000.

The acquisitions consolidated in 2000 were Laboratoires Ylang (February), Kiehl's (June), Matrix (July), Carson (August) and Respons (December).
The 35% stake in Shu Uemura will be accounted for by the equity method in 2001.

Commenting on these figures, Mr Lindsay OWEN-JONES, Chairman and CEO of L'OREAL, pointed out that " the group has succeeded in maintaining the high rate of organic growth recorded in the first quarter. This achievement strengthens our confidence for the year as a whole".

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