2000 Results
Another Year Of Strong Growth Confirmed

- An all-time record increase in net profit before capital gains and losses and minority interests: +24.2%

- The dividend has risen sharply (+29.4%) and will be paid at an earlier date

The Board of Directors of L'OREAL met on Wednesday 28th March 2001 under the chairmanship of Mr Lindsay OWEN-JONES and in the presence of the Statutory Auditors. The Board of Directors approved the group's consolidated financial statements and closed the L'OREAL S.A. parent company's financial statements for the fiscal year 2000.

  Amount in millions of euros Growth 2000/1999
Sales 12,671 + 17.9%
Adjusted operating profit (¹) 1,481 + 20.4%
Net profit before capital gains and losses after minority interests 1,028 + 24.2%
Earnings per share (in euros) 1.52 + 24.2%
Net dividend (in euros) 0.44 + 29.4%
(¹) Including exchange gains and losses.

An all-time record increase in profit
The certified results confirm those published on 22nd February 2001. The pre-tax profit of the fully consolidated companies amounted to 1.3 billion euros, an increase of 17.5%. For the sixteenth year in succession, double-digit growth in pre-tax profit was achieved. Net profit before capital gains and losses and after minority interests was over one billion euros, a rise of 24.2%.

A substantially increased dividend, to be paid at an earlier date
The Board of Directors has decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting, which is to be held on Tuesday 29th May 2001 at 10 am at UNESCO, 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007 Paris, a substantially increased dividend, to be paid at an earlier date.

The net dividend proposed is 0.44 euro (approximately FF 2.89), with a tax credit of 0.22 euro (approximately FF 1.44). This represents an increase of 29.4% compared with the net dividend of 0.34 euro paid last year, and is payable on 676,062,160 shares following the one-for-ten stock split of 3rd July 2000.
The dividend is to be paid on 8th June 2001, seven days earlier than in 2000.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors will propose that the terms of office of four directors should be renewed: Mrs Françoise BETTENCOURT MEYERS, Mr Peter BRABECK-LETMATHE, Mr François DALLE and Mr Jean-Pierre MEYERS.

Mr Guy LANDON, Board Member, which term of office will expire on the Annual General Meeting of May, 2001, desired not to renew it. The Board of Directors thanked sincerely Mr Guy LANDON for his contribution, during many years, to the group's expansion.

The Board of Directors will also ask the Annual General Meeting to appoint Mr Jean-Paul PICARD as Substitute Auditor to replace Mr Etienne JACQUEMIN, the latter having been appointed Statutory Auditor to replace Mr Patrice de MAISTRE, who asked to be relieved of his duties.

The draft resolutions and entrance conditions will be indicated in the notice to attend and the legal documents provided for the Annual General Meeting.

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