E-Strat Challenge: Almost 8000 Registrations From All Over The World! Careers

Clichy, 14th January, 2002.
Students all over the world have shown an overwhelming interest in the worldwide on-line strategy competition, the L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge, which has attracted over 7,800 students from over 50 countries, three times more than it did the previous year. 50% of applications are from Europe, 8% from North America, with a significant rise in applications from Asia (33%) and Latin America (8%).

Given this keen interest and so as to offer a greater number of students the opportunity to explore the strategic world of the cosmetics industry, the number of contestants has been increased from 1,500 to over 2,300 students.

In total, 790 teams of three students will enter the competition from today, Monday 14th January, 2002. For two months, participants in the game will be in charge of a virtual cosmetics business where they will have to handle developing issues, including those related to the new economy. Each team will be responsible for its own brand portfolio and will have to try to achieve the highest possible share price.

“We are very gratified to see the extent of interest shown in the L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge throughout the world. This year’s competition is an out-and-out success both in terms of participation and international representation. The profiles of participating students are also varied, not only in terms of their fields of study, management, finance, sciences, etc., but also in the range of universities they are from. This competition is an illustration of our wish to reach out to students and help them develop their understanding of the business world. It also reflects our search for diversity, a key element of L’Oréal’s human policy,” emphasises Philippe LOUVET – International Recruitment Manager at L’Oréal.

For further information: www.e-strat.loreal.com

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