Impact Of Transition To Ifrs Standards Group

Clichy, Thursday April 28th 2005 –5.45 p.m.


The change in accounting standards has called for a substantial preparation and training effort, which began in 2002 in the various entities of the L'Oréal group. The presentation of the 2004 consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS standards has been subjected to auditing procedures by the Statutory Auditors. The main items affected by the change are summarised below.

Main impacts:

On the Balance Sheet at December 31st 2004: a strengthening of the structure

- Consolidated shareholders' equity increased by €1.26 billion to reach €11.8 billion, that is +11.9%. This change is mainly the result of the revaluation of Sanofi-Aventis investment at market value and the reclassification of L’Oréal treasury stock.

- Net debt, which previously amounted to €1.47 billion, is now €1.57 billion at December 31st 2004.

- The gearing is now 13.3% at December 31st 2004.

On the 2004 Profit and Loss Account: a slight improvement in net earnings per share

- The reclassification of charges, which are deducted from sales, results in sales of €13,641 million for 2004 instead of €14,534 million, that is -6.1%. This reclassification has no impact on earnings.

- Adjusted operating profit amounted to €2,162 million, or 14.9% of sales, using French accounting standards. Using IFRS standards, operating profit is now €2,089 million, representing 15.3% of sales.

- Net income after minority interests, up by €344 million, is now €3,970 million using IFRS standards, instead of €3,626 million using French accounting standards.

- 2004 net operational profit after minority interests amounted, using French accounting standards, to €1,656 million or 11.4% of sales and €2.46 per share after dilution. Net profit before non-recurrent items after minority interests comes out, using IFRS standards, at €1,609 million, or 11.8% of sales and €2.48 per share after dilution.
The number of shares taken into account to calculate diluted net earnings per share has changed from 673,547,541 shares to 649,598,404 shares.

- Diluted net earnings per share excluding non-recurrent items, Sanofi-Aventis deconsolidated, now amounts to €2.29, instead of €2.23.

A detailed presentation of the impact of transition to IFRS standards on L'Oréal consolidated financial statements is available in both French and English on the Internet site: the pdf

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