L’Oréal Ingenius Contest 2007 - Engineer Your International Career Careers

Paris, 4 January 2007

L’Oréal, the world’s leading cosmetics company has kicked off the third edition of its international engineering and scientific competition, the L’Oreal Ingenius Contest 2007.
Launched in China in 2001, the competition has since been successfully increasing rolled out in seven countries which include France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Poland and China.

L’Oréal Ingenius Contest has been designed to offer an attractive, live and complete overview of the challenges the 2500 L’Oréal engineers have to meet. Participants will have the opportunity to compete with students from around the world and experience real industrial workplace challenges. In addition to the educational value of the competition, L’Oréal Ingenius Contest is one of the most innovative recruitment tools existing that allows L’Oréal to set up academic partnerships with different universities. The competition enables every student to come into direct contact with L’Oréal managers and recruiters and hence see them in action.

“L’Oréal Ingenius Contest is a key component of L’Oréal’s approach to recruitment. The contest allows us to identify in a very creative and innovative way the top industrial students with the strongest potential”, says Louis Comte, the Group’s Human Resources Director for Industry.

L’Oréal Ingenius Contest 2007 case study will present a newly acquired plant with obsolete production equipment for health, safety, quality, environment, supply chain and information system. The challenge requires the students to adapt the new plant to L’Oréal’s standards and then to launch the Fructis product range including shampoos and conditioners for an entire geographical zone.

Last year’s winning team was from Brazil’s Instituto Maua de Technologia. The students enchanted the jury with their creative and strategic thinking. The Chinese team from Zhejiang University won second place, and Mexico’s team from Universidad Panamericana won third place. During the past 5 years, L’Oréal Ingenius has allowed 20 players from around the world to join L’Oréal’s engineering teams and start a fascinating career within the Group.

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