L’Oréal Announces The Creation Of The Department Of Innovation To Develop Beauty Products And Services Of The Future Group

Clichy, April 3rd 2008

L’Oréal Group today announced the creation of the L’Oréal Department of Innovation, reporting directly to Jean-Paul Agon, whose mission will be to invent the beauty products and services of the future. Nicolas Rosselli, previously Deputy Managing Director of the Professional Products Division, will head the division with a view to identify the latest consumer expectations alongside recent scientific and technological discoveries.

By working very closely with the Advanced and Applied Research Departments from the earliest stages of development, the L’Oréal Department of Innovation will support the Group’s major long- and medium-term innovation projects across the brand portfolio, further positioning L’Oréal as a global leader in cutting-edge cosmetic technology.

Throughout his 35 years’ with the Group, Nicolas Rosselli has maintained a strong role at the heart of development and innovation, working closely with the Research and Development laboratories, envisioning new areas of development, inventing new products and maximising on emerging trends.

Jean-Paul Agon, CEO of L’Oréal said, “Our capacity to innovate is an absolute priority to ensure L’Oréal’s continuing success in the competitive beauty business. It is mainly thanks to this ability that L’Oréal has become and will maintain its position as a forerunner in its field in the years to come.”