L’Oréal Professional Products Division Reinforces Its Education Programme “Hairdressers Against Aids” Group

Hairdressers Against Aids

L’Oréal Professional Products division reinforces its education programme “Hairdressers against AIDS”, thanks to a strong network of educators and professional salons mobilized in 30 countries around the world.

Hairdressers have always offered a professional service: they cut hair, as well as style it and make it more attractive. The specific features of this business often result in a privileged rapport between hairdressers and clients. Just like a beautician or a healthcare professional, a hairdresser is often an advisor but also a confidant for his/her clients. Customers often talk to their hairdresser about their troubles, joys, projects, and even worries. When a relationship of trust is formed between hairdresser and client, the hairdresser can play a role that informs and educates clients about social issues.

Aware of the power of the hairdresser’s social role, L’Oréal Corporate Foundation and UNESCO combined their forces in 2005 to promote awareness among the global hairdressing community about the prevention of HIV. They initiated a training module that is now part of the hairdressers’ curriculum in L’Oréal Professional Products’ training centres throughout the world. Because 33 million people in the world are living with HIV because 60% of them are not aware that they are infected and because communication is a powerful weapon in fighting the propagation of the virus, L’Oréal Professional Products tells hairdressers “Use Your Voice, Use Your Power”.

Key figures of the Hairdressers Against AIDS programme
26 countries; 30 by late 2010
1.3 million contacts since 2005 among the profession
500,000 hairdressers trained every year
5,000 trainers mobilised in our 300 l’oréal professional products’ training centres
millions of “dialogues” about hiv/aids genrated i,n salons
Objectives for 2012
50 countries
3 millions contacts

>> 2011: international stars, headed by John Nollet, will increase the scale of the programme

2010 will witness an additional step in this mobilisation. To extend its reach and help hairdressers engage more conversations about HIV/AIDS in their salons, a 2011 “Hairdressers against AIDS” Celebrity Calendar will be available in 20 countries in professional salons which are “partners” of the programme.

This calendar will be a key tool to help hairdressers engage dialogues on the topic with their customers at salon level. In some countries, this calendar is even more than a key awareness tool for the cause. In France, it will be sold as early as December 1st in 5000 salons to raise funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS. This Celebrity Calendar showcases the hairstyles of 12 famous models including Diane Kruger, Vanessa Paradis, Moniac Bellucci and Audrey Tautou…, as captured by renowned photographer John Nollet.

John Nollet gives a fresh impetus to Hairdressers Against AIDS

The programme will benefit in 2011 from the contribution of this key personality in hairdressing. John Nollet explains his commitment with these words: “I decided to support the Hairdressers Against AIDS programme through the creation of the 2011 calendar because I do believe that beauty professionals can have an impact on society in a way that goes beyond aesthetics – by communicating openly about this serious disease, hairdressers can make a real difference on the lives of their clients and their communities.”

>> Strong networks of salon professionals mobilized in 30 countries for the world AIDS Day

In 2010, programme will continue its mission of sensitization among hairdressers and consumers. Active in 30 countries by the end of 2010, the programme will be launched on December 1st in the USA, with the ambition to reach, in the USA only, more than 500 L’Oréal Professional Products educators, 500 000 hairstylists and 100 million Americans: a necessary program when there is a new infection of HIV: AIDS every 9 1/2 minutes in the USA.

Initiated by Lady Owen Jones in 2001, the programme has been developed throughout the world thanks to the partnership agreement between UNESCO and L’Oréal Corporate Foundation signed on 3 May 2005.
The educational network of L’Oréal Professional Products division has been used as the driving force of this initiative and has enabled it to take off, backed by UNESCO’s expertise in the field of education. This perfect match between skills and expertise, as well as access to the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of AIDS, has enabled “Hairdressers Against AIDS” to reach already more than 1.3 million hairdressers in the world.