L’Oréal Announces New Executive Committee Organisation Group

As of 1 January 2011, the Executive Committee of the Group confirms five significant changes. Two new members are appointed to the Committee: An Verhulst-Santos, Managing Director of the Professional Products Division and Sara Ravella, Managing Director for Corporate Communications, Sustainable Development and Public Affairs. A Strategic Marketing Department is created and headed by Marc Menesguen. Nicolas Hieronimus is appointed Managing Director of the Luxury Products Division.

Executive Committee organisation

  • Jean-Paul Agon: Chief Executive Officer
  • Laurent Attal: Executive Vice-President Research and Innovation
  • Jean-Philippe Blanpain: Managing Director Operations
  • Nicolas Hieronimus: Managing Director Luxury Products Division
  • Jean-Jacques Lebel: President Consumer Products Division
  • Brigitte Liberman: Managing Director Active Cosmetics Division
  • Marc Menesguen: Managing Director Strategic Marketing Department
  • Christian Mulliez: Executive Vice-President Administration & Finance
  • Alexandre Popoff: Managing Director Latin America Zone and Africa, Middle East Zone
  • Sara Ravella: Managing Director Corporate Communications, Sustainable Development and Public Affairs
  • Frédéric Rozé: Managing Director North America Zone
  • Geoff Skingsley: Executive Vice-President Human Resources
  • An Verhulst-Santos: Managing Director Professional Products Division
  • Jochen Zaumseil: Managing Director Asia Pacific Zone

Press contact:

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